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Hey people Kevin and I need some help with some projects. We would like to work with some local animators. So if you are from the Austin area hit me up.

I will review your stuff.

2007-11-30 17:03:06 by redbomber3030

Hey send me your Flash your Games and your Audio stuff that might have fallen through the cracks. I will review it cuz I dont have anything to do.

Inspector not inspecter

2007-09-21 17:09:56 by redbomber3030

Well I made a boo boo and spelled the name of my own song wrong. Yes I am a ree ree. I tried it go into my account and fix it but it wont let me do that. Its like I never uploaded the song in the first place. Anyway if anyone can help I would thank you kindly. If not I will keep looking like a ree ree.

Enjoy Inspecter.... I am sooo stupid jeeeez.